Mental Health Advocate and Influencer, Demetrius Harmon visits University of Michigan to talk about the obstacles of being Black in America and how it effects our psyche. Born March 1,1998 in Detroit,Michigan. Demetrius always had a love for art and expressing himself.
With this lecture I choose to display my upbringing, life lessons i've learned, and hardships i've been through to show that the world to achieving what you want isn't impossible but it comes with unexpected storms that you must weather. Thank you VCU for hosting me and giving me the opportunity to speak and be heard.

I had the honor being the keynote speaker at Edsel Ford's Class of 2018 graduation. At age 20 i'm not too far from where they are, even though it may seem like it. I give them advice on life, the dangers of comparison, the importance of receiving support and giving it, how fundamental it is to trust in your heart and to follow your dreams. I hope you all hear my words and believe them aswell. Defend your dreams, because they're all we have.


Demetrius Harmon